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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 14, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news this morning. final flight. >> overnight, whitney houston returning home to new jersey, her body arriving from california by private jet. >> at a nearby arena, she's still larger than life. the family considering a mikchal jackson-style funeral. security scare. a supreme court justice robbed at knife point. new questions about the safety of everyone on the high kougt. and it's out today, unveiled overnight. we'll reveet the cover model of this year's "sports illustrated" swim suit edition. good morning, everybody. happy valentine's day. you're not wearing your red.
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i'll forgive you. >> all my red dresses are at the dry cleaners. >> fair enough. i'm rob nelson. and i'm paula faris. >> whitney's body arrived back in new jersey overnight aboard actor tyler perry's private jet. a police-escorted caravan carried the body to a mort way just a mile from the church she sang at as a little girl. >> reporter: mourners left flowers and candles outside new hope baptist church, a place years ago the world first heard houston afs gift. discussions are under way for a public memorial on friday, at the prudential center in newark. houston's publicist says a final decision has not be made. >> in charlotte, north carolina last night. >> one of the greatest singers that ever stood before a microphone. >> reporter: the queen of soul,
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aretha franklin remembered her god-daughter. since word of houston's death on saturday, fans have shown enormous support. 7 of the top 10 albums sold on monday on were whitney houston albums. >> she's an inspiration to so many people. >> reporter: back in l.a., medical examiners were not ready to release her cause of death. there were no traces of illegal drugs. there were prescription bottles in the bathroom where her body was found. >> we don't know the cause of death. we don't know the circumstances leading up to her death. >> reporter: thursday night, she danced at a nightclub. police are questions members of her entourage. but insist this is not a homicide investigation. tahman bradley, abc news. >> it could be several weekses
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before a final cause of death is determined. houston's family is meeting in j in nj today to make arrangements for a private wake and a public memorial by tend of the week. on top of that, one more music icon has paid his respects. sir paul mccartney and his wife stopped by the beverly hills hilton yesterday. they put a bouquet of yellow roses at the scene. and the "good morning america" team is working on the new elements with this story. including an exclusive interview with whitney's long-time body guard. we turn to politics and a horse race for the gop candidates. mitt romney holds just a two-point lead in the latest national poll of registered republicans. that's a statistical tie with rick santorum. newt gingrich lagging far behind. santorum campaigned in
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washington last night. hundreds of supporters were there, but so were occupy pr proteste protesters. mitt romney campaigned in arizona. romney kept his focus squared on president obama. newt gingrich, meantime, kicked off a three-day fund-raising tour in california, which votes on super tuesday, early next month. and the president gave republicans something to campaign against yesterday. his 2013 budget. it proposes higher taxes for the rich. it does not focus as much on cutting the deficit. congressional republicans say it has no chance of passing. they're preparing their own alternative. we turn to a terrifying ordeal for supreme court justice stephen breyer. one of america's most powerful judges at the mercy of an
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intruder armed with a machete. we get more from pierre thomas. >> reporter: 1700 miles off the u.s. coast is known as the postcard beautiful paradise. for u.s. supreme court justice, it became a dangerous crime scene. at 9:00 p.m. thursday night, supreme court justice breyer, his wife and house guests had their vacation stay rudely interrupted by an intruder wielding a machete. the suspect demanded money and escaped with $1,000. no one was injured. but the incident raises serious questions about the level of security the supreme court justices have when they travel abroad. >> justy breyer! justice breyer! >> reporter: in the u.s., the justices sometimes travel with armed security. today, the court refused to comment on whether breyer had a security detail with him in nevis. this is not the first time one of the justices on the nation's highest court has run into criminals. retired justice david souter was mugged by a group of men in 2004. justice ruth bader ginsburg had her purse snatched while walking
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near the kennedy center with her husband and daughter. the fbi is in nevis investigating. sources do not believe he was targeted but, rather, the victim of random street crime. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. and today is the one-year anniversary of one arab spring uprising that still threatens a key u.s. ally. a year ago today, bahrain's shiite majority rose up. the rulers responded with violence. the country remains deeply lly divided. an american tradition is being embraced by lovers. officially considered an unwelcome and imported western custom, valentine's day is being celebrated by many young iranians. the best part of valentine's day
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is the chocolate. >> around the world, people get to celebrate a little bit of love. that's cool. time for the weather across the country. a mix of rain and snow from detroit to cleveland, buffalo, pittsburgh, and west virginia. showers from atlanta to jacksonville. spreading to wichita, houston, and shreveport. heavy downpours from seattle to northern california. mostly 30s from fargo to indianapolis. milder in the northeast. climbing near 50 in new york and boston. miami hitting 78, and new orleans, 70. >> it's carnival season down there. 70s perfect parade weather. business news coming up after the break. how you can buy a piece of the empire state building. and a developing story from california. hundreds of human bones found buried in fields. the work of a serial killer. and feel guilty about
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leaving your dog at home during the day? guess what? there's now a cable channel for that. tv for dogs. we'll be right back.
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well, this is not good. get ready for record-high gas prices. they're already rising with a national average right now of more than $3.50 a gallon. the annual spring runup is
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coming sooner than normal. gas may be five bucks a gallon in some areas by june. apple's stock closed yesterday about 500 bucks share. they have a high market value, some $468 billion. exxon mobil is a far second. apple the worth more than a lot of other top countries combined. tokyo's nikkei average was up 53 points today. hong kong's hang seng was up 30. the ftse opened higher. the dow jones was up 73. the nasdaq index picked up 28. you may soon be able to buy a share of the world's best known sky scraper. the company that owns the empire state building is planning to go public and sell stock.
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there's no word yet how much the shares will cost. almost since the first broadcast, critics have been saying television is going to the dogs. and now, it really is. dog tv is now on the time warner cable systems. it's especially for dogs whose owners are not home during the day. >> what about cats? they're going to be lonely. we need a cat channel. they don't care. should schools pay kids to dom class? one district is trying it. plus, legal troubles for the son of hugh hefner. arrested for hitting his playmate girlfriend. and later in the pulse, the number one question among twitter users about paul mccartney.
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old man wirnt has finally reared his head in the south. but not for very long. >> snow, ice, and freezing rain glazed over roads from arkansas to oklahoma. some roads kefred in up to 5 inches. for a look at this morning's road conditions, rain on i-5 from seattle to northern california. icy on i-70 from pittsburgh to indianapolis. and i. 80 from buffalo to cleveland. wet on i. 75 from atlanta to knoxville. if you're flying today, a few airport delays possible in atlanta and detroit. well, the grisly search continues today in northern california for more human remains left behind by pair of serial killers. >> investigators combing through a well have found over 300
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bones. a bounty hunter paid death row inmate leslie shermantine where to find the bodies. >> in this particular well, i don't know that there's any more than a couple i do believe in the other well further east there's as many as a dozen. >> shermantine and lauren herzog were convicted. former penn state a sis tant coach jerry sandusky is relieved and pleased he'll be able to spend time with his grandchildren. a pennsylvania judge granted his request for supervised visits. the judge denied the request that jurors be brought in from outside the penn state area.
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the judge did allow him to step outside. hugh hefner's son was arrested for hitting his girlfriend, a play mait. swaug now the seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage. the governor there sighed the bill into law yesterday. the measure is supposed to take effect in june. also, a cincinnati high school is now taking a drastic step to boost their graduation rate. offering students money just to come to school. seniors get a visa gift card for $25 a week. everyone else gets $10. another 5 bucks goes into a savings account. the school's current graduation
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rate, just 14%. time now for sports. we get the latest lie lights from espn news. good morning, i'm don bell. a huge matchup in the top 25. louisville looking to upset number two syracuse. later on, for three. eyeing it up right there. finished with eight points. louisville up by seven. syracuse down by one. melo in transition throwing it down. second half. waiters finding fair. 18 of syracuse's 21 field goals came inside. later on, chris smith for three. louisville, up a triple. later, waiters finds fair. a team-high 13 points. syracuse up by one. under 20 seconds to go, siva drives. looking to make a play. and turns it over. so syracuse survives.
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52-51. they snap a seven-game losing streak to the cards. no the nba. butler with the clippers, back in dallas. saluting the championship ring he won last year with the mavs. cp 3 sticks the three. clippers down by two. last chance. right there. the shot. no good. and so the mavericks win. the clippers finishing up the road trip with a 4-2 record. that will do it for this espn news update. now, back to you. speaking of sports, talk about taking the plunge. u.s. natiol swim team member matt grooefrers counted on a first place finish on saturday. his girlfriend, annie, also a member of the team, put the medal around his neck. >> and that's when he put his plan into motion. going down on one knee and
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asking annie to marry him. she said yeah. they're planning a wedding and a trip to the london olympics. >> nicely played, dude, nicely played. >> so sweet. up next, new york going to the dogs today. we're going take you to the west minister dog show. and favorite day of the year for lots of guys out there, thanks to "sports illustrated." you'll see the newest cover when we come back. >> can't wait. en way to sleepin. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression,
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all right, time to check "the pulse," the stories you'll be talking about today. beginning with the annual dog and owner's show, the west minister kennel club show. tonight, they choose the best in show. >> martha stewart's breed gengis khan was the top in his breed. >> that dog is living a better life than i am. look that. unbelievable. >> beautiful dog. so who is this paul mccartney guy, any way? believe it or not. this is crazy. that question was trending on twitter during and after sir paul's appearance. one called him a geezer. many fans were quick to tweet in
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his defense. >> it makes me angry that anybody would be so out of touch. if you're tweeting who is paul mccartney, please leave twitter, in fact, leave earth and never, ever return, one of the tweets red. one of the people that had no idea who he was said who is paul mccatny? a fresh young face, not to mention body, is heating up a magazine cover. >> meet kate upton. she's the 19-year-old blonde beauty gracing the cover of "sports illustrated." >> look at her eyes. >> she's also modeled for victoria's secret. >> she said being on the cover of "sports illustrated" has always been her dream. the 2012 issue comes out today. >> a lovely dream. for some of you, your local news is m coing up next.
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updating the day's top stories. whitney houston's body has arrived at a new jersey funeral home. the latest national poll shows rick santorum in a statistical tie with mitt romney. all the candidates are raising money out wst ahead of the next round of primary contests. the recent good news for apple is paying off. it's now valid at an incredible $468 billion. and here's your valentine's day forecast. showers from shreveport to wichita. heavy mountain snow in the rockies and nevada been. and fooinlly, paris has the louvre. washington, d.c., has the smith
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se smithsonian. now vague has its own. >> reporter: there are great museums around the world. the modern museum of art. the metropolitan. there's nothing like this one. that's who we are. it's part of our culture and part of our past. >> reporter: there's no need for embellishment. the mob museum reveals an insider's look. in vegas, if you know the mob, you know the goodmans. >> so many of the names are so familiar to me. because oscar represent sod many of them. but i didn't put the face with the name. >> my life sort of tumbled out in front of me. some of it is in the museum here. it was a special day for me. it brought back memories as to what i did as a professional. as a defense attorney. >> reporter: the museum has some of the most iconic art facts, including the brick wall from the st. valentine's day
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massacre. i didn't do it, i promise. this is one of the many exhibits here in the mob museum. whe whether you're looking for vegas history or mob history, this museum has a little bit of everything. there's a variety of interactive exhibits and films. what the favorite thing in the museum? >> my husband. >> reporter: visitors can shoot a simulated tommy gun. do you think the mob is still around? >> the only mobster or alleged or former mobster who is around is an old client of mine who wants to come to the opening tomorrow. >> that museum opens later today, on valentine's day, believe it or not. >> it's the 83rd anniversary of the valentine's day massacre in chicago. go to the museum, maybe you'll remember


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